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Dog attacks can result in injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones, broken or damaged teeth, head trauma, and deep wounds requiring sutures or plastic surgery. In the worst cases, an aggressive dog attack can lead to death especially when it involves a pack of violent dogs or when directed at a small child. Regardless of the degree or severity of the attack, dog bite incidents can prove to be traumatic events. At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we know how much emotional distress and physical damage can be involved and how difficult it may be to understand the situation from a legal standpoint. Florida’s dog laws specify what constitutes a dangerous dog and stipulate the liability of pet owners as well as the rights of anyone harmed by a dog. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in the West Palm Beach area, the legal help you need is just a phone call away. You can discuss your situation with one of our West Palm Beach dog bite lawyers in a free consultation to learn what you should do, what your rights are, and how we can help you get the compensation you may be owed for damages.

How Are West Palm Beach Dog Bite Cases Adjudicated?

We are well-versed in the Florida laws that have been created to protect you in the case of an animal attack. You may not realize that you are protected by them should you be harmed by a dog, whether it’s a neighbor’s, a friend’s, or a stranger’s. You may, however, have legal rights which will entitle you to monetary damages for your medical expenses, lost wages or income, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering through the dog owner’s insurance company. Dealing with an insurance company can be difficult and frustrating. If the dog owner is a neighbor or acquaintance, dealing with him or her regarding the situation may add further stress. We understand these factors because we deal with them every day. Our job is to relieve you of these stresses and to do everything in our power to get the money you truly deserve.


A personal injury can occur in a variety of ways, but almost all have the same results in common. Suddenly, your life is disrupted and possibly jeopardized physically, emotionally, and financially by an accident or incident which could have been prevented.

Why You Need a West Palm Beach Dog Bite Lawyer

We deal with insurance companies constantly and know how to counteract their delays, denials, and lowball settlement offers. With years of experience and a dedicated legal team of personal injury professionals behind us, we have the knowhow and considerable resources to get the job done. When you work with an attorney at Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we’ll explain to you everything that needs to be done and tenaciously pursue your case. We can make the difference between an inadequate settlement and one that really reflects your losses. You’ll be able to move forward with the financial security needed to recover your health and your peace of mind.

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Call our law offices immediately following your dog bite attack to learn what to do to increase your chances of winning your case. We are standing by, prepared to help you with sound legal advice, a solid track record of success, and a focused team of professionals who will fight forcefully for your compensation. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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