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Losing income and facing additional medical expenses due to a workplace injury or illness can be a very threatening situation. That is why Florida law has put the workers’ compensation system into place. Ensuring that you receive the full benefits you deserve can be difficult, especially in the face of tactics used by employers or insurance companies whose main interest is in cutting costs.

If you are located in Port St. Lucie, this situation can be handled with the help of an experienced lawyer. At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, your best interests are our primary concern. Our Port St. Lucie workers’ compensation attorneys want you to obtain every dollar in benefits that you deserve and we will pursue your cause with diligence and determination.


If you are injured while performing the duties of your job or if you develop an occupational illness or injury caused by the type of work you do, you may be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Typical injuries leading to such a claim include:

  • Broken bones, sprains, torn ligaments, herniated discs, and other muscular injuries
  • Repetitive motion trauma, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Head injuries
  • Loss of or damage to hearing
  • Respiratory illnesses or other diseases caused by toxic fumes or chemicals
  • Other injuries to the back, shoulders, neck, hips, ankles, feet, hands
  • Injuries to other organs

Fault is not an issue in claims made stemming from workplace accidents or illnesses. Under state law, most employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance through their employers.


Recipients are entitled to medical treatment including authorized visits to doctors or hospitalization, prescription medicines, laboratory tests, physical therapy, required medical equipment, or prostheses. Other benefits include compensation paid on temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, impairment benefits, and permanent total disability benefits. For the families of workers who have died due to work-related accidents or illnesses, death benefits may be sought and obtained.


Going through the claims process can be complicated and difficult. You will need to report your injury within 30 days to your employer and provide all of the necessary information to submit your claim. Employers and insurance carriers often attempt to deny claims or minimize benefits for economic purposes. By working with an experienced attorney at Steinger, Greene & Feiner, you will have the skilled representation you need to obtain the full benefits you are entitled to by law.


Our firm has been in business since 1997 fighting for the rights of the injured throughout Florida. With a team of dedicated attorneys, investigators, and support staff, we have the resources and ability to provide you with capable and determined representation. To find out how we can help you with the claims process, you can discuss your case in a free consultation with a Port St. Lucie workers’ compensation lawyer at a time and location convenient to you. Contact us today.


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