Shooting Victim Suing Condo Association

It occurred on October 12, 2017. What should have been a typical morning walk with her dog turned into something out of a nightmare for Yuly Solano.

In video footage that has recently been released, the public has been able to witness the horrific event that unfolded on that morning. In the video, a Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office deputy is seen waiting for the woman outside of her condominium. As she walks by, the deputy exits his vehicle and begins to walk with her. The pair exit the camera’s view briefly.

The next thing to be seen is the woman backing away from the man who has his gun drawn. The deputy is seen raising his weapon, firing at the woman several times and then turning the gun on himself. The woman survived. The deputy did not. Solano has filed suit against the Inlet Harbor Condominium Association, with the help of Steinger, Greene & Feiner.

Yuly recently spoke about her case on “Crime Watch Daily,” hosted by Chris Hansen.

An “Unprovoked” Attack

According to police, the deputy was on duty when he shot the woman with his department-issued handgun. the attorney representing the victim, said, “This was unprovoked, this was pre-meditated by the officer, who had been stalking her.” Attorney is representing both the victim and her daughter.

The woman was shot multiple times in her chest and once in her right arm. She sustained three broken ribs, among other injuries, including a punctured liver. She has been recovering from her injuries in the hospital since the accident. Now her daughter is speaking out.

Aryana, the 18-year-old daughter of the victim, told reporters with the DailyMailTV that she was there that day. She said that her mom should have been quick when taking the dog for a walk because the pair were getting ready to leave their home. It took her mom longer than it should have and when Aryana heard the shots, she didn’t think of her mom until she heard the sirens. She called her mom’s cell phone and when the phone call went unanswered, Aryana knew.

The Aftermath of the Attack 

Her mother was transported to a local hospital and the next time Aryana laid eyes on her, she was in a coma. Aryana has been at her mother’s side since the shooting, setting up a GoFundMe page to help pay for expenses. Aryana took time to detail her mother’s injuries to reporters. “She has a huge hole in her right arm. She got shot in the right arm, she got shot a couple of times in her right lung as well and it broke three of her ribs. They had to take out part of her lower and upper lung. She barely has a voice, part of her voice, her vocal chords are paralyzed.”

Aryana told reporters that her mother and he deputy had dated for about six months before her mother broke it off. It was less than a month later that the deputy decided to carry out the assault on her mother. Aryana said that the deputy worked in the neighborhood and introduced himself to the women. The two adults began walking their dogs together and struck up a relationship.

Was It Foreseeable?

The deputy began to display signs of jealousy early on in the relationship. He was suspicious when his girlfriend received phone calls, asking who she was talking to and why. He accused his girlfriend of being unfaithful, though those suspicions didn’t seem to be based on any factual evidence. Aryana says that her mother became fearful of the deputy quickly and ultimately broke up with him because of it.

Attorney , seated beside Aryana as she spoke with reporters, said that the deputy had displayed bizarre behaviors after the breakup. He tried to block her from leaving, he put things in front of her door, and he crossed out her name on her mailbox. The victim attempted to tell people at the Inlet Harbor Condominium Association what was happening and was essentially laughed at.

Aryana and her mother are now trying to “get justice” for the crime they believe was preventable, had anyone taken time to listen or believe in what Yuly was saying. If someone would have taken the woman seriously, she may not be laying in the hospital today. As she seeks justice, Yuly is determined that she will finally be heard.

Attorney said, in part, “It is my belief that one or more individuals must have knowledge of what drove Mr. DeMarco to act the way he did. I question, were there actions there that were missed by the authorities?”

The Inlet Harbor Condominium Association has refused to take responsibility, instead blaming a defenseless woman who went to the authorities where she lived to take action.

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