Has it been a good idea to do the checkpoints at the crosswalks similar to DUI checkpoints?

That’s what we call high-visibility enforcement. Yes, because we had the media come out as well, or I should say they want to know any time we do this enforcement campaign, so it becomes news. Thankfully, the media has been very supportive, and they’ve put out public service announcements and put it on the news, which helps expand the coverage of our campaigns.

At those crosswalk checkpoints do you find that the motorists are getting the tickets, or are pedestrians also getting tickets for not crossing properly?

Well, we’re doing them at crosswalks, so in these locations where we’ve been working with the police, it’s where we’ve had problems with driver yielding when pedestrians are behaving properly, so we’ve got more drivers getting tickets. We don’t have a jaywalking law in Florida, contrary to popular belief, and so as long as a pedestrian is not stepping out in front of a car in such a way that the driver can’t slow down and yield to the pedestrian, unless they’re crossing at a place that’s clearly unsafe, there’s not much opportunity to ticket because pedestrians can cross at intersections, whether they’re marked or unmarked. They can cross anywhere really along the roadway as long as they don’t cause the driver to have to stop suddenly and in an unsafe fashion.

If there’s a crosswalk at an intersection, you should cross in the crosswalk. You can get ticketed for that, but it’s a fact that where people cross at locations where there’s not an intersection for 500 feet in each direction, they can legally cross.

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