Truck Accident – Intoxicated/impaired driving

In Florida, a total of 38,937 fatal collisions involved commercial vehicles in 2016, according to Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES). FIRES also indicated that a total of 16,400 collisions occurred in 2015 that involved alcohol in Florida. Intoxication of a driver who has a .08 percent blood alcohol concentration can double the risk of a collision occurring.

In some cases, a truck crash is also a drunk driving crash because the professional truck driver is intoxicated. These types of collisions are especially likely to be dangerous or deadly due to the size of the truck.

There are strict prohibitions on driving while intoxicated for truckers. In fact, it is unlawful for drivers of commercial trucks to operate their vehicles with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of just .04, which is half of the normal legal limit of .08.

When a truck driver is caught driving while impaired, the driver can face suspension or loss of his commercial license. The truck driver can also be held accountable for all damages caused by a truck crash resulting from his intoxication. Intoxication of the trucker creates the presumption that the driver was negligent and is thus responsible for compensating accident victims for damages.

In addition to truck drivers being responsible for collisions caused by impaired driving, a trucker’s employer could also be liable for crash losses that occur when a driver is on duty.  A Florida truck accident lawyer can provide assistance in pursuing a claim against truckers, their employers, and others who could be responsible for losses resulting from an impaired driving truck crash.