Auto Accident – Illegal driving maneuvers

In the State of Florida, “illegal driving maneuvers” can refer to any actions taken by the driver of a vehicle on a public road that violate stated rules for flow-of-traffic, right-of-way, etc. An “illegal maneuver,” therefore, does not describe a formal concept but rather refers to a blanket category of moving violations.

Typical examples of an illegal driving maneuver include making a right turn from a “Left Turn Only” lane, changing lanes over a double white line, running a red light and so on. Such illegal actions are often made distinct from other moving violations, such as speeding, following too closely or driving under the influence.

The State of Florida does not define an “illegal driving maneuver” explicitly under the law, but Florida Statutes §316.074 provides that all traffic control devices should be obeyed, which includes all signage and indicator devices like traffic lights.

Drivers who perform illegal maneuvers before an accident occurs are often cited as the primary cause of fault for the accident. Fault may still be disputed in complex cases, but an illegal driving maneuver can provide a textbook example of a driver’s negligence.

Furthermore, Florida traffic control devices are placed for logical reasons often based on studies of specific intersections. Therefore, a sign ordering “No U Turn” is placed with the intention to avoid accidents the department of transportation deemed likely. Ignoring the sign not only constitutes an illegal act, but it also deliberately invites risk.

Individuals facing criminal charges or individuals involved in civil litigation regarding damages of an accident should therefore take note of any illegal driving maneuvers relevant to the case.