What Impact If Any Will GM’s Public Apology Have On Pending Or Future Litigation?

The apology or any information or statements made by General Motors to either a U.S. Senate inquiry or to the general public in release of statements of information will be used against General Motors in any future litigation. Those statements, if they are against the interest of General Motors, are normally admissible in a courtroom.

What does a plaintiff need to prove in a personal injury or wrongful death claim against GM if harmed while riding in a recalled vehicle?

Well, GM knew about this problem from the documents that have been produced so far, since about 2004, but have failed to fix it until now. And that has obviously created an unreasonably dangerous condition for drivers or passengers in one of these recalled vehicles.

If you want to bring a claim for a personal injury or a wrongful death against General Motors, you need to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. The vehicle that was involved in the accident needs to be examined so that the determination can be made that the ignition switch was in fact the cause of the accident. So it’s very important to contact a lawyer as quickly as you can so that the vehicle may be preserved. So that the determination can be made as to what actually caused the accident.