Man Arrested for BUI Manslaughter

A year after a fatal boat crash took place in Fort Lauderdale, a man has been charged with BUI manslaughter.

According to reports, the man was arrested last week and charged with BUI causing serious bodily injury, BUI manslaughter, violating navigation rules resulting in an accident and BUI causing property damage.

The report stated that the accused was drinking alcohol on the day of the crash in 2017. He ended up crashing into another boat head on in the Intracoastal Waterway. Witnesses to the accident said that the man was speeding, traveling at approximately 40-50 mph, just before the accident. Investigators found that the minimum the man could have been traveling, based on the scene, was 34 mph.

The boat that was hit was idling with its navigation lights on. The man aboard the boat, along with is passenger, were both transported to a local hospital where they later passed away. Two other passengers were treated for injuries and released from the hospital.

The man who caused the crash was not injured, nor was his passenger. After the accident, police obtained a blood sample from the accused. He had a blood alcohol concentration of .15, almost double the legal limit.

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