First Responders Train with Mock Plane Crash

  • March 23, 2017
  • Steinger Greene & Feiner
  • In The News

If you drove past Palm Beach International Airport last Thursday, you may have been alarmed. It appeared as though a plane had crashed. The good news is that there was no incident, what you saw, or what you may have missed, were first responders in training.

The simulated plane crash was presented by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue as part of a requirement from The FAA. Every three years, first responders must practice emergency drills. The purpose of the training is so that all first responders can learn to work in conjunction with one another to provide the best emergency services to victims of crashes.

Students from G-Star Academy participated in the scenario, playing the close to 200 crash victims. Some were “trapped” inside the wreckage, while others laid on the ground surrounding the broken plane. Paramedics attended to the “victims” and fire personnel worked to extinguish flames. The students were encouraged to make the scenario as real as possible for the responders.

Not only did learning take place on the scene, but it will take place in the coming weeks as well. The entire scenario was recorded on video, and that video will be reviewed by airport officials and members of the fire department to determine where improvements are needed. Once the tapes have been reviewed, a final report will be forwarded to the FAA.

While scenarios such as this may be alarming to watch, they are necessary so that victims of accidents can receive the best care possible.

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