Possible 15th Victim of Nursing Home Tragedy

A family came forward last week, saying that the death of their loved one should count her as the 15th victim of the Hollywood nursing home tragedy that has claimed the lives of 14 others.

According to reports, 14 people died after temperatures in the nursing home soared after power was knocked out due to Hurricane Irma. Residents were evacuated from scorching rooms and hallways, but several lost their lives. Two men say that their 86-year-old aunt should be counted among the casualties. The men have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the center.

The latest victim died on October 5. The local police department is investigating the center, linking at least 13 deaths to the tragedy. Because there was no backup generator, the center lost power and, as such, its air conditioning system was rendered inoperable. Temperatures spiked inside the facility, causing multiple residents to experience severe distress and, ultimately, death. Steinger, Greene & Feiner is representing the family of the 12th victim.

Despite the filing of the wrongful death lawsuit, the county medical examiner has not officially released a cause of death. Her family says that she was in decent health until the tragedy which caused her body temperature to climb. As a result, her physical health took a rapid decline, ultimately leading to her death.

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