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3 Things to Do After A Slip and Fall Injury

There are a few important things that you need to do after a slip and fall injury. Of course, the priority after any personal injury or accident is it to make sure you are okay and to wait for medical attention if you have been injured. Serious slip and fall injuries may cause some broken

Neil Anthony: Rebuilding Belief in Justice– I Love My Attorney Spotlight

Neil-Anthony personal injury lawyer

Neil Anthony believes that every client who enters the Steinger, Greene & Feiner offices should remember that what happened to them, and what they lost, is important. No client should tolerate anyone who ever tries to minimize that. If they don’t realize that before coming to the firm, Neil will ensure that every client understands

Michael Steinger: Duty Above All Else – I Love My Attorney Spotlight

Michael Steinger and family

  There’s one common thread that permeates through every aspect of Michael Steinger’s life: civic duty. It’s a thread that can be traced back to the sacrifices his mother made to raise him, to his initial desire to defend those in need as a lawyer, his uncompromising fight to ensure those affected by injury are

South Florida COVID-19 Update — April 28, 2020

Florida coronavirus

Since the novel coronavirus hit Florida in early March, residents and governments have been trying to balance fighting the spread with keeping the economy running. It’s been a stressful time for everyone in our state, made even worse by our continuing inability to accurately test, track, and trace COVID-19 to the degree needed to successfully

Supporting Local Community Through Fitness

Lexi Greene Off the Bench Foundation Steinger Greene Feiner

Off The Bench Supports Community Since 2012 My name is Lexi Greene and I am a Junior as well as the President of Off The Bench Foundation. Off The Bench is a foundation that was created and founded in 2012 by my brother, Joshua Greene, who wanted to make a difference for kids in the

An Update on the Situation Regarding Coronavirus Infections in South Florida

covid florida cases

Note: This blog concerns a rapidly evolving situation. All of the information contained below is accurate as of 3-24-2020 7:30 PM EST During times of crisis where the public is nervous and unsure, accurate information is valuable currency.  We at Steinger, Greene & Feiner want to provide our clients, readers, and community members with the

How Your Car Accident Lawyer May Investigate Your Case

lawyer shaking hand of woman with a sling and neck brace

It’s easy to determine liability in most car accidents. For instance, consider a rear-end accident on Oakland Park Boulevard and Powerline Road in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s nearly always the fault of the trailing vehicle unless there is firm and credible evidence that suggests otherwise.  But there are numerous auto collisions in Ft. Lauderdale and throughout