3 Things to Do After A Slip and Fall Injury


There are a few important things that you need to do after a slip and fall injury. Of course, the priority after any personal injury or accident is it to make sure you are okay and to wait for medical attention if you have been injured. Serious slip and fall injuries may cause some broken bones, muscle tears, and possibly head trauma. Simply put: slip and fall injuries can be life-changing.

If the slip and fall injury was caused by the negligence of the property owner (person, business, or public entity), the injured individual has the right to seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Be sure to find an experienced Florida slip and fall lawyer to fight for your compensation.

Above all, remember that the property owner and the insurance company they represent will dispute your claim and do everything in their power to limit the amount you receive. They will always aim to pay less than you deserve.

It is essential to act right away so that you can protect your rights after the accident. Here are 3 steps to take after a slip and fall injury

1 – Get Prompt Medical Treatment

hospital for slip and fall injury

Getting prompt medical attention after the injury is crucial! Your health and physical wellbeing are so important. You cannot and should not have to sacrifice your health for anyone, including negligent businesses. Your number one priority throughout the slip and fall claim process will be to ensure that you remain healthy and that you recover from your injuries.

Medical treatment will also serve as the primary evidence in your slip and fall case. If you are filing a claim, then you need a medical professional to review your case and to assess the injury and the damage.

Be sure to follow any and all treatment plans and do not perform any activities the doctor recommends you stop. If you fail to obtain treatment contrary to the instruction given by the physician, the property owner, and the insurance firm may argue that you were not really hurt.

Follow treatment plans and all medical advice and be sure to pay attention to every detail. If you have questions, speak with your doctor and ask for medical recommendation BEFORE committing to any activities that have been forbidden.

2 – Document the Accident (and Keep Everything!)

Police and Eye Witness Reports

If the location of the fall is a business establishment or a public entity, you must inform the management or a civil worker about your injury. When the police are called, make sure to acquire a copy of this report. Ask for the contact info on any witnesses as well.

Take photos of the injury 

The cause of the accident must be documented as well. So, take photos of the area that contains the hazard without the presence of a warning sign. Also include the bandages, bruises, cast, neck brace, or other signs that the is present.

Maintain a case file

After acquiring all the documents connected to the slip and fall injury, such as medical bills, records, expenses, and correspondence with insurance companies, keep a copy in your possession.

Keep and file in your email and in your home for all digital and physical documents you receive throughout the process. You may be surprised to see how many documents you have to save after a slip and fall injury. But every single document is important. And always ask for receipts and documents.

Avoid accepting or assigning blame

An investigation is required to establish fault in a slip and fall accident. Unless the case has already been reviewed by professionals, you must neither accept nor assign blame for the accident. Talk to your slip and fall attorney before signing or giving statements to the property owner or any insurance company.

3 – Talk To A Lawyer


A lawyer with a background in solving slip and fall cases can provide assistance after the accident. Initial and preliminary investigation of the case can be provided for free. Calling a slip and fall injury attorney help you avoid mistakes that may rid you of getting the compensation you deserve.

Don’t wait for months to pass after a slip and fall injury. Call an attorney as soon as possible. The more time that an attorney has to work on a case before you have followed the advice of the insurance company or nonprofessional, the most chance your case will succeed.

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