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West Palm Beach auto accident injures six

WPTV reported that a recent West Palm Beach car accident left six people with various injuries.

The West Palm Beach auto accident involved a vehicle that had flipped over on the Interstate, causing major traffic delays.

Authorities said that the injuries range from minor to serious, some due to being thrown from the vehicle.

The victims of the Florida car accident were taken to a local hospital, but their conditions are unknown.

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Steinger, Iscoe & Greene sends Young Basketball Teammates and their Coach to March Madness Playoff Game

2009 Dayton Beach HoopsSteinger, Iscoe & Greene, in partnership with ESPN 760 Radio, was glad to treat three Boyton Hoops’ players and their coach to a night of March Madness at the Miami American Airlines Arena.  Congratulations to the team on a winning season, one that might take the Boynton Beach, Florida travel team all the way to Indianapolis for the National Championship Tournament.

Jupiter Lighthouse Elementary Boosterthon Fun Run

sig-logo-smallAs a team of parents and families ourselves, SIG gladly supports the participation of the children and families of Jupiter Lighthouse Elementary in their 2009 Boosterthon Fun Run. Go, go, go!

Palm Beach Gardens Community High School

sig-logo-smallSupporting the children, young adults and families throughout Palm Beach county and the greater South Florida community, SIG congratulates the Palm Beach Gardens High School graduating Class of 2009. Well done!

Quota Club of the Palm Beaches

sig-logo-smallRaising awareness and resources for the deaf community throughout the Palm Beaches and globally, Quota is a volunteer organization dedicated to empowering and providing resources for the deaf community at large.

Homes deteriorate because of West Palm Beach defective product

WPTV reported that a Chinese manufactured drywall is being considered a West Palm Beach defective product that is keeping homeowners from enjoying the comfort of their own homes.

The Florida defective product emits a strong odor similar to the smell of sulfur.

The County Health Inspector noted that the West Palm Beach defective product is releasing the gas which coats copper pipes and wiring with black soot.

While representatives for the company that has been manufacturing the West Palm Beach defective product claim that the sulfur poses no health risks, one homeowner points to the soot on her dishwasher’s pipes and wonders what the gas could be doing to her.

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Girl survives Palm Beach boat accident

The Palm Beach Post reported that a girl survived a Palm Beach boating accident that claimed the lives of her father and sister.

The girl’s sister was steering the boat when she made a sharp turn, causing the girl to fall out of the boat right before it tipped over.

The Florida boat accident victim tread water for 20 minutes before rescuers were able to get to her.

She was taken to a local hospital to be treated for injuries sustained during the Palm Beach boat accident.

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